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The International Colonization Authority (ICA) is a cooperative of government and private agencies originally founded on Earth in 2197 AD as a desperate gamble for peace. At the time of its creation, the nations of Earth were careening towards war over who would get to colonize Apollyon first. The ICA was meant to be mankind's representative to Apollyon so that everyone would feel fairly treated.

War was inevitable, however. (See Apollyon for more history) The ICA watched as WW3 broke out. Then they watched as the Phage emerged and pushed humanity to the brink of extinction.

Sadly, none of the original staff of the ICA lived to see Apollyon. The ICA was able to build one colonization ship, the Vanguard, and launch it before their position on Earth's moon was destroyed by the Phage. The Vanguard is an automated colony ship, piloted by the AI Julia. It has no living crew and instead bears only the means of recreating key members of the ICA (deemed usable for a colony).

Unfortunately for the Vanguard, it's slow travel speed (1400 years) meant that surviving factions on Earth -- with superior technology -- managed to beat it to Apollyon. Though, with the current state of the planet's degraded societies, the ICA still represents the last flame of old Earth's humanitarianism. The heroes of the ICA colony are our only hope at a bright future.

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Fiction[edit | edit source]

Some short stories about the ICA. As you, the player, are in charge of building the ICA's base from scratch, these are purely for fun and not part of the in-game story.

Named Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Lt. Rainer
  • Dr Julia
  • Sato
  • Dr Harvey


Technology[edit | edit source]

Human Creation Tech: The Vanguard uses accelerated Grow-Vats. The skeletal structure is usually 3D printed and the subject is grown from synthetic stem cells that can later be infused with preserved subject DNA via CRISPR like tech. The process takes 3-4 weeks, but a cache is stocked up so the delay is minimized.

Interstellar Travel: The ICA Vanguard used a Nuclear-pulse drive. It was filled with bio-printer pods.

Update: The ICA in the game uses MSF respawn technology. How'd this come about, feels like a contradiction in the storyline.

Guns, Gear, Vehicles[edit | edit source]

Arriving late and with tech that's 1400 years out of date, the ICA colony has an uphill battle for survival looming before it. Other faction on Apollyon, while not automatically hostile, pose both threats and opportunities. Here's a list of technology the ICA starts out with.

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Locations[edit | edit source]

These are up to you to build, Commander.