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Iron City Games are the developer and publisher of GearStorm.

GearStorm is made by a group of dedicated independent developers. We are focused on game-play options and ambitious depth of play, not look and feel. We will spend resources getting our assets, terrain and effects to look good enough for players to appreciate and to be tactical useful, but we will not polish all of the graphics to the point of hyper-realism or to the level of the large studios. To do so would increase costs and shift our resources away from adding things to do in the game. Also, really expensive effects and graphics would limit our world size, number of assets and AI we could support on the screen at the same time. We will value large maps, more things to do and larger battles over the best effects, graphics and sounds.

We won’t be a twitch, spawn-and-die game. We will have advanced combat with a deep damage and repair system, not the typical, hectic, simple combat you get from many shooters today. our combat will be driven by competition for resources, defending one’s territory, status, political strife and just survival. When in combat, things like jumping around and shooting as fast as you can will likely not determine the outcome. Careful approach, using cover and concealment, accuracy and fire discipline will rule. There will be exceptions to all of this, of course, especially with a flamethrower!