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Running your own dedicated GearStorm server will give you full control over your community's GearStorm experience and the best performance for a large number of players.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Your OS must be a 64-bit OS (The GearStorm server is a 64-bit executable and as such will not run on a 32-bit install of Windows). The server supports Windows Desktop 7, 8, 10 or newer, and Windows Server 2012 R2or newer.

Hardware[edit | edit source]

The server requires at least 6GB of RAM to start. Memory requirements increase as the number of connected players increases. On Windows Server 2012 R2, the client uses 3.1GB of RAM without any clients. Processor: GearStorm dedicated servers can be demanding on processors power, we recommend investing in the most number of cores you can get and nothing lower than a Intel i7 or equivalent.

Network[edit | edit source]

GearStorm can be demanding on the network also, for a dedicated server with more than 5 players online full time, we recommend at least 1 Gigabit of upload and download speed, more may be required depending on how many players you have on at the same time. The server listens for incoming connections on the ports listed below. Ensure your network configuration allows incoming connections to these ports and directs them to the host that will be running your dedicated server.

Port Purpose
UDP 27015 Query port for Steam's server browser
UDP 7777 Game client port
UDP 7778 Raw UDP socket port (always Game client port +1)
TCP 27020 RCON for remote console server access (optional)

You can host multiple dedicated servers on the same host, however be aware that CPU and memory should be monitored carefully if they are busy servers rather than test servers.

For example:

Server instance Game port Raw UDP port Query port RCON port
Server game instance 1 7777 7778 27015 27020
Server game instance 2 7779 7780 27016 27021
Server game instance 3 7781 7782 27017 27022
Server game instance 4
completely different ports
9999 10000 37015 37016


Query Port cannot be between 27020 and 27050 due to Steam using those ports.

Don't forget about the windows firewall! Just allow the "gearstormserver.exe" through it.

Prerequisites[edit | edit source]

Windows[edit | edit source]

Microsoft Visual C++ 2017 Redistributable. - you can find this executable under the "Redist" folder in your GearStorm install folder.

SteamCMD[edit | edit source]

The dedicated server is available for Windows only for now. You will use SteamCMD to install the server.

Installing the Dedicated Server[edit | edit source]

  1. Install SteamCMD on your server.
  2. Create a folder to house the server files on a volume with at least 10GB of free disk space.
  3. Launch SteamCMD on your server and use it to download the server files. (Remove the < > and replace them with double quotes, for example, force_install_dir "C:\Program Files\GearStorm")

Steam> login anonymous

Steam> force_install_dir <install_dir>

Steam> app_update 696120 validate

Steam> exit

Or run as a command line or batch script:

steamcmd +login anonymous +force_install_dir <install_dir> +app_update 696120 +quit

Replace <install_dir> with the full path to the folder created in Step 2. this will be a path like c:\GearStorm.

Run a Beta Branch[edit | edit source]

Sometimes events are not implemented in the main game but into a so called branch. To run this event you change to this branch.

Add -beta with the branch name to the app_update command, like:

Steam> app_update 696120 -beta branchname validate

Of course change the branchname to whatever the name of the branch is (eg: "beta")

Configuring the Server[edit | edit source]

The configuration parameters you need to set OUTSIDE of the game are in the "game.ini" in the "<your GearStorm Install Directory>\GearStorm\Saved\Config\WindowsServer" directory. You may want to copy the section below to your "game.ini" file in the "<your GearStorm Install Directory>\GearStorm\Saved\Config\WindowsServer" directory.


ServerName="Iron City Corporate Wasteland"
ServerDescription="Campaign Map, All Weapons, All Vehicles, AI on Hardest, Everyone is Admin

Edit the "ServerName" to display your server name in the Steam server browser and in the GearStorm in-game server browser.

Edit the "ServerDescription" field to display your description in the Steam server browser and in the GearStorm in-game server browser.

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In the example above, the entry "+ServerAdmin=*" means everyone that logs into the server is a Gamemaster (admin)! You can delete this line and add admins via a Steam player's 17-digit Steam ID number. A Steam ID number can be seen by going to the "view my profile" option on the upper-right hand side of the page and looking at the URL field. The Steam ID number is the number after "". Simply add new lines for each player you want to be Gamemaster like the example below:





***If you don't remove the "+ServerAdmin=*" entry, everyone that logs into your server will be admin no matter what other listing you put in!***

Also, to access the Gamemaster (server admin) functionality on your dedicated server, you will need to add this line to your *local* *client-side* game.ini also:


That has to be in the client's game.ini AND the servers game.ini for you to access the Gamemaster menu.

Running the Server[edit | edit source]

Create start_GearStorm_server.bat: and place it in YOUR_STEAM_GEARSTORM_FOLDER/GearStorm/GearStorm/Binaries/Win64/ (remove the '<' '>' symbols!)

start ShooterGameServer.exe /game/maps/Campaign?Port=<port>?QueryPort=<query_port>?MaxPlayers=<max_players>

Port Forwarding and Firewall[edit | edit source]

For your server to become visible in both the GearStorm in-game server browser and the Steam server browser, do the following:

Windows (Firewall and Allow Rules)[edit | edit source]

  1. If you're on Windows 10, click on the search box in the lower left corner and type in "Firewall". Click on "Windows Firewall".
  2. Once Firewall opens, click "Advanced settings" on the left panel.
  3. Click "Inbound Rules" on the left panel, then click "New Rule..." on the right panel.
  4. When the New Inbound Rule Wizard opens up, select Port, then next.
  5. The setup will now ask you if you want to allow TCP or UDP, and what port it will be. Select TCP. Then, make sure you have "Specific local ports" selected and then put the port you plan to forward into the box (default 27020 for RCON).
  6. Select "Allow the connection", and continue with the wizard.
  7. Make sure all of the boxes are selected for where the rule applies.
  8. Enter a name (required) and a description (optional).
  9. Repeat these steps, but instead of allowing TCP allow UDP. Make sure to enter your steam browser/query port (27015 default) and game port (7777 default). You also need the raw udp socket port (7778 default, always your game port +1) if using ?bRawSockets.
  10. You should have 3 port rules now in the Inbound Rules section.
  11. This section and the port forwarding section go hand in hand.
  12. Close the advanced firewall window, and open Windows Firewall again.
  13. Click "Allow an app or feature through Windows Firewall". Scroll down to ShooterGame. Make sure all apps named ShooterGame have the Private and Public boxes checked.
  14. You're done, and if your ports don't work when you forward them, you can edit your Firewall inbound rules by going back to the advanced tab, selecting the Inbound Rules tab, right-clicking the rules you created, then clicking properties.

Port Forwarding[edit | edit source] offers tutorials for setting up port forwarding on your router.

For the default setup, forwarding 27015 as the port, and 27016 as the query port. 27015, 27016, and 7777 are the most common ports that work.

You MUST forward both TCP and UDP for your server to show up on any lists. You can make sure your ports are open by using the tool from, that is, after you

Enter the ports that you have forwarded in the start_server.bat file you should have created earlier. For example,

start ShooterGameServer.exe TheIsland?listen?SessionName=<server_name>?ServerPassword=<join_password>?ServerAdminPassword=<admin_password>?Port=7777?QueryPort=27015?MaxPlayers=<max_players></max_players>

Finding Your Server in Lists[edit | edit source]

You can access your server via the Steam server browser or the GearStorm Browser. Just search for you name in the GearStorm server browser, or find your IP address in the Steam server browser.

Automatic Startup[edit | edit source]

Windows (via Scheduled Task)[edit | edit source]

You can configure a scheduled task to automatically run a batch file and start the dedicated server when the system boots.

  1. Open 'Task Scheduler'
  2. Create Basic Task
  3. The 'Create Basic Task Wizard' will appear, name the task whatever you want
  4. Set the Trigger to 'When the computer starts'
  5. Set the Action to 'Start a program'.
  6. You will need to browse to the program/script you wish to start (which is your .BAT batch file that starts your server).
  7. Depending on how your batch file works, you may need to set the "Start in (optional)" path, so the working directory of your batch file is correct. (If your batch file simply contains the "start ShooterGame ..." command, then you should set the "Start in (optional)" path of your scheduled task to the directory that contains the batch file)
  8. Before you create the scheduled task, click the checkbox to "open properties window" after it's created
  9. In the General Tab under the Security Options frame, you probably want to choose "Run whether user is logged on or not"
  10. I personally checked "run with highest privileges" just in case. This might not be necessary.

After following these steps, your server should be up and running, and be automatically managed by the host on startup and shutdown.

Updating[edit | edit source]

To update the server when a new version is released, just repeat the SteamCMD commands shown in the earlier install section.

Administrating Your Server[edit | edit source]

GearStorm has in-game GUI interfaces for most admin functions. By default, the "backspace" key will bring up the admin menu and allow a admin to teleport himself or other players, spawn anything, build fast and unlimited, fly, kick players, kill players, ban players, change weapon damages, range, dropoffs for the whole server instantly, edit and create new quests, change the weather instantly, change the time of day, alter the shadow lighting for every player on the server instantly, send special notices to all the players, and save and load the server map. All while playing the game, inside the game interface.

Some built items have special admin functions (for example, building cores) that you can access with "alt-e" instead of "e" (default key setting). As a admin, you can use these menus to set the destructibility of blocks within a core's radius or the difficulty level of the AI in that core's radius, for example.

Backing Up Server Data[edit | edit source]

To make a backup of the server data, simply copy the folder named ShooterGame/Saved (and his content) to the desired backup location. This folder contains all item, social, player and world data for the server. Performing a backup is recommended before updating a server to a new release.

Troubleshooting[edit | edit source]

Enabling Logging:

Logging is disabled by default on GearStorm clients and servers to avoid impacting performance. If you are troubleshooting and need to enable logging, here are the steps to take:

  1. Create a "engine.ini" file in the C:\Users\[YourWindowsUserName]\AppData\Local\GearStorm\Saved\Config\WindowsNoEditor directory.
  2. Add these lines to the file:






***Remember: Enabling logging will significantly impact your performance, please do so only for troubleshooting purposes and disable later by removing the above lines from your engine.ini***

Server Loses Characters or World Data Upon Restart[edit | edit source]

If your server isn't retaining characters or world data when it's restarted, it may not have full access to the folder where it's installed.

The first time the server is run, it should create a folder named GearStorm/Saved containing various configuration and save files. If the server has run at least once but hasn't created this folder, it may not have been able to create new folders and files there. Verify that the folder where the server is installed is readable and writable by the user account that actually runs the server. (For Windows servers, check the status of User Account Control)

The server software, by default, is set-up to automatically save world data every 15 minutes. If your server crashes before the first 15 minutes are up, you will not have any data saved.

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