Sol-Terra Expedition

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The Sol-Terra Expedition (STE)- Departed ~2800 AD. Arrived ~3000 AD. Who knows?

Not much is known on Apollyon about the Sol-Terra Imperium or it's one Expedition to Apollyon. The STE settlements date from around 3000 AD and on, making the STE the first human expedition to arrive on Apollyon. However, no known survivors of this expedition remain on Apollyon - if indeed any were ever sent.

But the advanced technology of many STE sites remains as ruins scattered throughout the planet.

Technology[edit | edit source]

The STE technology is often beyond our current understanding of the universe as it is. Some believe they used direct tachyonic teleportation while others postulate gravity-based time manipulation (vaguely Tardis-like) as their means of achieving FTL.

It's all anyone's guess though as no STE landing craft have ever been found. The remaining, barely functional technological systems on Apollyon are dangerous and hotly desired.

Locations[edit | edit source]

The old Endor Colony ruins are near an ancient STE site and were wiped out by the defense system that the MSF colony unleashed on itself. There are many other STE ruins around Apollyon though. Some are known, most are not.

Factions[edit | edit source]

The STE has no living members nor active intelligences currently. So the STE isn't really a faction of Apollyon per-se. This can sometimes change though when ancient systems activate. The fate of the Sol-Terra Imperium is unknown, but their ability to travel to Apollyon doesn't rule them out as a faction either. Assuming the Imperium is even still around.